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In 2D animation, there is a mix of graphics, voice-over, and text, which stimulates different areas of the brain and engages multiple senses to help the viewer process and understand information more effectively. Animation can also establish a stronger connection between the viewer and the company or the individual presenting the information because of the deeper engagement that is possible with animation. When a viewer experiences something memorable, the creators of this memorable experience already have an edge over the competition, since they are occupying a portion of the viewer’s mind.

When it comes to animation, 3D is definitely the king of all video styles. These are usually the most expensive videos and use the illusion of depth to add a third dimension to characters and backgrounds.


2D Logo Animations, Live Action Animations, Screen Cast Animations, Cut-Out Animations, Architectural Animations, InfoGraphic Videos, Kinetic Typographic Videos, Stick Figure Animations, Motion Graphics Videos, White Board Animations, Cartoon Animations.



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