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Best Software Solutions  
for Businesses and Corporates

E - Accounting

Full Accounting Software

World's Best & Easy Accounting
Software for retailer and
wholesaler business


Point Of Sale Software

World's Best and Easy
Point of Sale Software for
all type of businesses

Ezy Invoice

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning
Software for Corporate Sector
and Organizations

Kiosk Manager

Info Portal Software

Kiost Software is Self
Infotainment and
Self Services Software

HotSpot Manager

Hotspot Management

Helps you control and bill Internet
access by redirecting your customers to
or pay on your login page

Bandwidth Manager

Net Bandwith Management

Control the bandwidth each user gets. Watch
activity per user. Allow login in specified time, maximum
allowed logins, expiration date, daily time usage limit.

Net Cafe Manager

Internet Cafe Management

Controls and secures your
cyber cafe, gaming center
and public computers

Print Server Manager

Multi-Printer server Managment

Save 35% to 64% of printing costs.
Your out of control “printing bill” may be
costing you a lot more than paper and toner!



Is Difference Between Simple Products and Intelligent Solutions.


Shape your future IT Project with excellence and refine coded functions